Lydia Moritz Family Law Firm Oakville

What is a Law firm and what role does the divorce lawyer play?

Lydia Moritz Family Law Firm Oakville is a form of professional practice that offers legal services.

The role of divorce lawyers:

Lydia Moritz Family Law Firm Oakville

Divorce lawyers play a fundamental role in the field of mediation so that the divorce is by mutual agreement. This speeds up the resolution and lowers the costs of a separation process. Time and economic cost, two of the great concerns of the people involved in a divorce process. In cases of marriages with children, spouse declared in default, breach of the divorce decree or non-payment of alimony, the role of the divorce lawyer becomes more important if possible.

Differences between separation and divorce:

Lydia Moritz Family Law Firm Oakville

The main difference is that divorce extinguishes the marital bond, that is, a divorced person can remarry. However, the separation does not extinguish the link so that someone who has gone through a separation process cannot get new nuptials. Another of the differences between the two ways of dissolving a marriage is that in the divorce the dissolution of the matrimonial economic regime takes place. In separation, this does not happen.

What is the matrimonial economic regime?

Well, the one who governs the acquisitions and debts of both parties during the marriage. They are of two types: property and separation of assets.

Earnings: Both purchases and debts will be attributable to both. That is, all purchases or debts incurred after marriage will be extended to both, even if the sale is made in the name or with the money of one of the parties or the debt has been contracted only by one of the persons who form the marriage.

Separation of assets: In this case, profits and debts are not shared. In this regime, the owner of a good will is the one on the invoice and not his spouse. With the debts the same thing happens, they will only affect the party that has contracted them. The separation does not dissolve the matrimonial economic regime; it only converts it into the separation of the property if it was in marital property.

Divorce lawyers: how to choose a good professional?

Lydia Moritz Family Law Firm Oakville

According to the Civil Procedure Law, the parties must act in the divorce process with the assistance of a lawyer and represented by an attorney. The choice of a lawyer is one of the crucial points in the divorce process. When you take the step, the first decision is in which lawyer to trust your case. Although you often go to someone close to you or to a professional who recommends you, that choice may not be right on many occasions and it is better to go to a family lawyer specialized in the type of divorce in which you are involved.

Also, in this type of process, psychologically hard and emotionally charged, the client must feel understood and protected by his lawyer and have fluid communication with him. Also, the professional must inform his client of the strategies that can be followed and the development of the process.

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